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Top of the Glass!

image from Martha Stewart Living

image from Domino

Is that pun to much of a stretch? Oh well … ever since i saw these two options for using glass topped tables I have been obsessed. I have a table my mother let me have that will be perfect to try the Martha Stewart version on. and a fairly similar desk that could use a pretty piece of glass like domino’s version…

We have a great local place that cut us extra glass shelves once for my mothers curio cabinets and they were so nice that I can not wait to bring over the one table to see what they can do :)

Hats off!

image from Renovation Style Magazine

image from Vouge Living

image from Myra Hoefer Design via alicia b designs

image from coastal living via absolutelybeautifulthings via shelterblog

After seeing absolutely beautiful things’ post on beach hats I had to throw my hats into the ring (more like my collected hat pictures). Although my hat collection is more the country straw farm/garden hats, I really love the idea of artfully displaying items that are both used and useful. Collections of precious/breakable objects stress me out – but that is mostly just because I am ridiculously clumsy, and I have been known to break things as I am attempting to dust them!

My Dad always favored tough Australian suede rancher hats (I remember vividly when his hat went through the baler and survived albeit a bit chewed up!) , my mom more a fan of the large peasant-y straw brimmed hats, and I like everything in between – currently they are stacked on top of our refrigerator in the kitchen but I am hoping to get some shaker like pegs in the entryway to make them easier to reach / display.