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Love the Proportions on this Table

Have you seen ‘who do you think you are‘? The celebrity angle is kind of silly and the editing is repetitive and cheesy BUT I love the show. I am obsessed with my own family’s history and I love a show that highlights people searching out their own. Lisa Kudrow’s story is about her tie to Eastern European Jewish history namely the holocaust (it is very heavy story btw). I found this episode especially moving as 1/4 of my own background is Russian-Jewish.

Anyways! I loved the table in Lisa Kudrow’s fathers kitchen the proportions are great long and narrow with a worn wooden top!


image from countrystylemag? via pink wallpaper

I love how serious the hood to the stove is here – also the length of the island is so generous but by having the corners be open shelves it really minimizes the visual weight. and to the left do you notice the full door pantry like cabinet?  I think in the end floor-to-ceiling cabinets (with no counter in the middle) really get some of the most use. Erika from Urban Grace designed the wall of cabinetry in the kitchen below, and ever since I saw it I have been trying to talk my mom into making a similar wall of cabinets in her kitchen.

image from coastal living via Urban Grace

Will be back soon !

I have been swamped with work and as a result I have been feeling a bit of blog-burnout lately – apologies to everyone who has commented or written to me and I haven’t gotten back to you just yet!!!

P.S- how perfect is this table below? – It is worn in perfectly! – oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

Image from Victoria Magazine



image via high street market

In the last couple months I have been working on a large project at work. It has been lovely to have work in this climate – but to be honest it has been creatively draining. I have had to put my house projects on the back burner and as a result my posting has suffered. After about two months of blog silence I started to worry that all my fabulous blogging friends would have moved on -but here I am, my first week back posting – and you all make me feel as though I never left! I am always amazed by how supportive and kind and positive this blogging world is. Anyways just know that your support really warms my heart and I am going to try my darnedest to make time for you and my blog! And a special thanks to My Endless Inspiration – for including me in her nomination list for “one lovely blog award”.