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What have I Been Up To

newly pruned apple tree with spring blossoms (this picture is from two weeks ago)

house now (two weeks ago)

lawn as it was last summer day after closing – wild!

All images above by my talented sister.

This image is of our backyard late last summer when we first got the house. In the last month, if you have noticed that I haven’t been commenting back or visiting your blogs it is because I have been trying to reclaim our acres from the wild – It is amazing how much work it takes turning brush and untamed wilderness back into lawn. We have been discovering all sorts of garbage in the weeds and snakes under it – but it is finally starting to look a little less like a deserted lot. It is actually starting to look a bit fabulous – of course most of that is the help of the seasons – everything is starting to get more lush and green.

More Pictures to Follow!