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Clearing Brush

side yard how it looked when we bought the house (see the dead trees in the left hand corner?)

side yard as how it looks today (no dead trees -pruned apple tree)

The funny thing is the ‘now’ pictures are pieced together to match the photographs my sister took with her wide angle lens

One of the crazy things about our property is that the house used to be three apartments and there was also a trailer on the side lawn. Apparently our local fire department in all their wisdom lit the thing on fire in what I guess was supposed to be a ‘control burn’. Unfortunately they burnt the thing too close to a small grove of 50 foot aspen trees. There were at least twelve of them killed, and even though they were obviously dead – they were left standing and I found them terrifying when their dead branches swayed in the wind. I though each storm would take them down on top of us.

So one of the projects my boyfriend and I have been tackling this week was clearing all the brush around the trees so my father could get in there and safely use the chainsaw to remove the dead trees – it was a time-consuming project – and the back yard looks a little forlorn now with all of the tree stumps – but i hope to replant some saplings that found their way onto the lawn in place of the dead ones. It certainly look less creepy and deserted.

last year


my father using the chainsaw

p.s- another gift that was left is bits and pieces of charred trailer strewn in the tangled weeds – it has been an interesting treasure hunt as I find discarded/charred pieces of other people’s lives. I cannot wait until we clear it enough – because we plan to put the garden in that spot.