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Blogging & BOL & a New Logo

Last night I went to the BOL event with my marketing dynamo sister. It was a great excuse for me to get out of the studio after pulling some long hours this last week/weekend.It is always nice to hear other bloggers talk about blogging (and the wine and swag bags didn’t hurt either – my favorite freebie was a the print above (availible on etsy ).

I really enjoyed the panel -although in the end I was too shy/tired to network or say hi to Megan Arquette ( I am a huge fan of the skirted round table ) I guess I didn’t have enough wine. ;) After being inspired last night I decided to give my blog a little fresh spring cleaning and I redid the header. Hope you all are having a good week so far!

Unfinished Decorating

Lauren of Pure Style Home did a great post on ‘undesigned spaces’ a little bit ago that got me thinking of ‘unfinished spaces’. I am queen of unfinished details, i get things 80 % finished but somehow the last 20% never does. This photo above is a perfect example – out of the 3 picture frames I haven’t figured out what to put in two of them!- (and to be truthful I will probably get bored of the little table-scape before I actually put anything in the empty frames)

Whenever I have ‘finished’ something I almost instantaneously get an ‘itch’ to change it again. My spaces are always ‘in transition’ something is on its way in or out and I always have items in my room that need to be refinished, reupholstered, painted or hung. I enjoy the process of playing and experimenting with ideas and looks rather than accomplishing a fixed ‘look’. Do any of you have problems with committing to a finished design like I do?