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Midwood – Home on the Hudson

images from Martha Stewart Living

This is one of my favorite Spreads from Martha Stewart Living Magazine, The house is affectionately called ‘Camp Midwood’ by its owner and her often visiting grandchildren. Built in 1888 the house is located on 87 acres in Columbia County on the Hudson river. Midwood has a warm, casual and inviting style that has long stayed in my mind as ideal for a family summer retreat. Little details really make the house seem thoughtful, like the mirror on the porch so you are surrounded by the view on all sides, the floor to ceiling bulletin board on the second floor landing that holds an informal history of the house, the beautiful mural panels in the bedroom, and the way the warm tones in the antique rug draped on the hall table picks up the fall maple branches…

Home Spread

all images from Home oct-2007

Sometimes you have a magazine spread that you keep going back to, bookmarked, smudged and creased because it is so good. ‘Home’ is a magazine that my mother subscribes because she likes the product recommendations (She and my father have been updating their farmhouse for years). I prefer a magazine with a touch more glamorous whimsy to its photos and layout, and Home sometimes seems dry to me – however this article made me rethink my opinions. This house was designed using recommendations of a focus group of women, and the design is really well thought out because of that. There are tons of little details that seem really smart and practical; Look at the floor plan for some of the luxurious details that make this house so inspirational.