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Shipping Cargo Containers as storage


One of the largest drawbacks of our particular property is there there are no storage structures on it. So there is no place for garden tools, storage boxes, our lawn mower, lumber, scraps, furniture projects etc… They all pile up in the demolition zone which is very crowded, messy and inefficient. I have flirted with the idea of designing and building a shed but I can’t decide where would be the best place for it to be situated on the property at this point. Shipping containers are clean modern blank slates that can be easily converted into so many different spaces – and I am thinking maybe it will be a great green option for storage. Any advice? Has anyone get a shipping container delivered to the Catskills? Does anyone have any suppliers they recommend?


Young Design

This is a feature from House Beautiful 2003 (this issue is far before House Beautiful started to follow Domino and incorporate younger design into their magazine) and although the photos employ dated proportions and styling – the advice is very much what young trends are now. I think the true freedom of being young is not having that much furniture or even a budget – so the choices can be less formal or permanent. But I wonder how much of my current design obsessions will seem out-dated in a couple of years. I think that is why I prefer to buy vintage/antiques, somehow I hope that because they are from an earlier style period they will end up being more versatile than new current-styled furniture. – although, truthfully – I own four vintage Saarinen tulip table knockoffs and I wonder what I will think of them in a decade?

Here are some of the recommendations from House Beautiful
-use white accents
-incorporate stripes for graphic punch
-juxtapose antiques with new furniture
-oversize hanging lamps
-mix high and low
-modern accents
-bright upholstered headboards
-edit ruthlessly
-play with geometry
-eliminate fussy treatments
-combine textures shiny and matte – rough and smooth
-Modern Art

What do you think?

Nightmare project

concept illustration by Ron Marvin

This article made me think of all those awkward design projects where the client and designer relationship doesn’t flow well. Half of a designing job is being creative and using your prior experience to anticipate needs – and the other half is listening, explaining and generally being patient. Sometimes some jobs require you to be very, very patient.

Black white and read all over

image via blackwhiteyellow

image via habituallychic

I also started to read this book ( a little summer treat for my self)

and this one

Did you know you can buy used books on amazon? the prices are amazing (sometimes on 79 cents for a book (although there is still 3.99 shipping). But when you do you are often supporting a lot of small used bookstore businesses. That is how our neighborhood bookstore (in our tiny town) is able to stay open here because they do so much business over Amazon :D. Not to mention the total luxury of getting a book you want to read sent to your house for only 5 dollars.

Helpful Things Are The Best.

image from Domino magazine

I don’t know if you are as much of an image hoarder as I am. I have two computers – a laptop and a desktop. My desktop is a dream to work at, but sometimes I use my laptop if I don’t feel like going to my office or if I am traveling. I end up with insane amounts of duplicate files. This program deletes duplicate files by comparing each one byte by byte (meaning it will only delete a file if it is exactly the same content as another file – not just named the same). It is just the best program this side of the moon. and it is free! Duplicate Cleaner.

Design To Inspire’s Easter Reading Guide

My little blog was featured on Design To Inspire’s Easter Reading Guide which was the best news to wake up to :). To those visiting the blog from Design to Inspire Hello, and welcome!

I am still on the road trip. Currently I am at my boyfriend’s cousin’s house in Cape Hatteras North Carolina relaxing before our final leg of our journey back home. It has been a really lovely trip I have seen so much of America, and been hosted by so many generous people, and eaten so much delicious food and relaxed on many lovely beaches – it has been a trip to remember… Below is how we have traveled so far. We stuck to the coast, hoping to get the most of the warm weather before we head back up north.

That said, I will be happy to be home tomorrow, to have my own bed- as much as I love to travel I am also a bit of a homebody. I am also looking forward to reading all the blogs that I havent seen for the last 2 1/2 weeks – it will be awhile before I catch up on it all.