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Of the things I miss most…


image from Martha Stewart

When we got the house there were a few problems – namely the house had been gutted by copper thieves. All the copper pipe for the supply lines to all the kitchens and bathrooms, and the gas lines for the ranges, and all the piping for the hot water radiators (along with the actual radiator fins inside the radiators) were taken. So we had no heat – or water to begin with – slightly a nightmare. The first week or so i ran a hose from the cellar outside the house and through a second story window so that we could fill up the toilet to flush it. Very romantic. If I ever had to choose between modern electricity and plumbing – plumbing will always win. Then again what would I do without TV or the internet… hmmm

Anyways! the house had also stood empty for 2 years, so it smelled a little musty and funky. Also the sellers had ‘taken care of’ a few roof leaks by placing large garbage cans underneath them. That doesn’t actually fix anything – note to sellers – and removing moldy homasote and fiberglass insulation, and finding the occasional rodent body – not so fun!

Thankfully one of the guys who works with my Dad over at the farm is a wizard with PEX plumbing – which is flexible, doesn’t burst as easily when it freezes and forgoes the whole copper by the pound thing… but what I really miss – especially when in construction mode and going through socks like they are disposable paper towels is a washer and dryer … Having to lug all my laundry over to my parents farm to use my mother’s laundry machine makes me feel like a messy college student.

So here are some photos of delicious laundry rooms that I would love to have a version of eventually -clean, with a natural light and maybe even preferably a large fiberglass shower that I could wash the dogs in and even hose down a piece of vintage furniture if need be… ah dreams…